Evolution of the website’s welcome page

The screenshots have been reduced to half of their original resolution. By selecting them with the mouse a new window with the full-resolution image will be opened.

Very first provisional page, published on 5 June 2001


Provisional page as of 12 June 2001


Provisional page with links to some internal pages, as of July 2001

(here in its version of 15 September 2001)


Start page (no longer “provisional”), used from February 2002 to April 2003

(here the first version of 26 February 2002, already with the new logo)


Completely revised layout, with one welcome page for each language, used from April 2003 to November 2007

(here the last version produced, dated 7 November 2007, in English, Italian, German and Croatian)


New graphic design of “HESC spatial consulting”, used as of 28 August 2010

(her the first version produced, still “under restructuring” and with the old address and the olf telephone numbers, in English, Italian, German and Portuguese, with the third version of the logo, fully revised and ‘localised’; the substitution of the Croatian version with the Portuguese one reflects the geographical change of HESC’s professional commitment)