Mediterranean Atlas of Venetian Heritage

With the financial assistance of the Regione del Veneto under Regional Law No 1 of 27 February 2008

Electronic Atlas

Edition 2.0 – September 2011

Marco Polo System geie, Venice-Mestre, Italy,
HESC spatial consulting, Venice-Mestre, Italy,

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  1. General Index of States and Territories
    Root Folder – 562 objects
  2. Index of the Heritage of Military History – Greece
    Folder gr – 53 objects
  3. Index of Crete / Province («Unità Regionale») of Chania (Περιφερειακή ενότητα Χανίων)
    Folder grxn – 25 objects
  4. Datasheet of Object ‟Arsenals of Chania”
    File grxnda01-ENG – 1 object
  5. Image Page of Object ‟Arsenals of Chania”
    File grxnda01-ENG-figs – 1 object
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