Copyright, References and Credits

Project ‟Sulle Onde della Serenissima II” (‟On the Waves of the Most Serene Republic II”), with the financial assistance under Article 25 of Regional Law No 1 of 27 February 2008 and Decision No 3058 of 20 October 2009 of the Regional Executive, and carried out by:

Marco Polo System g.e.i.e. (Marco Polo System e.e.i.g.)
Via Forte Marghera 30, 30173 Venezia-Mestre VE, Italia
T +39-041-5319706, F +39-041-5311108

Production of the Mediterranean Atlas of Venetian Heritage commissioned by Marco Polo System geie:

HESC spatial consulting
Planning Design Studies Information
Via Bissagola 16/B, 30173 Venezia-Mestre VE, Italia
T +39-041-2668833, F +39-041-2668834

All cartographic materials in both paper and electronic format have been worked out by using exclusively data produced in-house, data whose use has been explicitely or implicitely granted and data accessible and usable for free. General copyright is owned by:

©2011 HESC spatial consulting, Venice-Mestre, Italy;
©2011 Marco Polo System g.e.i.e., Venice-Mestre, Italy.

Specifically the following third-party data have been used:

Contributions to the researches:

Translation from Italian to Greek and vice-versa carried out by EEIG Marco Polo System – Stavroula Koniari