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15 years of HESC’s Internet presence
Municipal Master Plan of Cubal (Province of Benguela, Angola)
EPC – Energy Performance Certificates
TNTgis – Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis (with its new product TNTscript)
Municipal Master Plan of Dande (Province of Bengo, Angola)
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2001-2016: 15 years of HESC being geospatial consultant for MicroImages TNTgis

13 June 2016. Exactly 15 years ago, the last signature has been put under the contract that appointed HESC as a “geospatial consultant” of MicroImages, Inc., the producer of the TNTgis software package in the United States. HESC provides for mainly technical assistance to clients and the community of TNTgis, the “advanced software in geospatial analysis for GIS, cartography and remote sensing”.

At the beginning of a leaflet produced by HESC more than ten years ago — which has been completely revised just this year — TNTgis is defined in the following manner: “Geospatial analysis is getting easy with high-level GIS at a reasonable cost”. TNTgis is a complete software solution, which does not require the purchase of additional modules or external software in order to carry out specialised tasks. With TNTgis it is possible to do everything: format conversions (currently 140 import and 73 export filters, beyond direct access to various formats), video display, complex and high-quality cartographic compositions, electronic atlases, web publishing, topological vector, CAD, TIN, raster editing and analysis, LiDAR, COGO, image orthorectification, DEM, 3D, stereo, relational DBs, scripting, development of stand-alone applications and much more.

During these 15 years, TNTgis changed a lot. In 2001 it was called “TNT products” and the then current version was “6.5”, released in May of that year, which was the 50th version from the very first one in 1986. Instead, today we use “TNTgis 2016”, released in January of the current year, which is the 67th version produced during the thirty years of existence of TNT. The changes of the software product, its growing features, always up to date with the technological evolution, were accompanied by always extremely competitive maintenance and purchase costs, which even decreased strongly. In 2001, the price of a complete system (TNTmips + P15 + TNTsdk) was 17,745,000 Italian Lire (9,165 Euros), while today the same system — but obviously with a significantly larger feature list — can be purchased for only 5,000 Euros, i.e. 45% fewer.

The leaflet, which has been drawn up in its current version only in the Italian language so far, is also available as PDF file on our Internet site at address http://www.hesc.it/docs/depl/depltntp-ITA-eu-s850.pdf (14.2 Mbytes).


2001-2016: 15 years of HESC’s Internet presence

6 June 2016. Exactly 15 years ago yesterday, HESC’s Internet site at address www.hesc.it went online.

From then, many things have changed, and not only its logo and the whole graphic design. In 2001, we still wrote “HeSc PTU&GIS” and “HeSc Arch” in order to underline the formal distinction between the two entities, that however worked together in an organic manner and that were dealing with, respectively, spatial planning, town planning, geographical information systems and, on the other side, architecture.

The most significant changes came in 2009 and 2010. In January 2009, the PTU&GIS component set up the basis of the firm’s internationalisation process by signing the agreement to form the Consórcio Samayongo in Angola. Then, less than two years later, in October 2010 the formal constitution of the associated professionals’ firm HESC spatial consulting, with a completely renewed logo and colours.

Today, HESC is a well-established firm looking towards both, its own urban district, where it is based in, for activities for instance in the field of building renovation, as well as towards the region, continent and the whole world, with design, planning and GIS works at any level.


Municipal Master Plan of Cubal (Province of Benguela, Angola)

3 July 2015. More than a couple of months ago, the final version of the Cubal PDM, on which we worked from the beginning of 2012 together with our Angolan partner FraCaet & Filhos, Lda., has been submitted to the contracting authority, the Provincial Government of Benguela. After having presented and delivered at the end of February 2013 the final plan proposal, at the end of October 2014 the formal observations written by the contracting entity were received and permitted us to quickly draw up the definitive documents to be submitted to the approval procedure.

The Município of Cubal has about 325,000 inhabitants, an extension of about 5,550 km² and its administrative seat, the City of Cubal with about 60,000 inhabitants, is located about 150 km East of the provincial capital Benguela and about 690 street km South of the country’s capital Luanda.

The territory of the Município is crossed by one of the most important Angolan development axes: Benguela – Huambo – Kuito – Luena – Luau along national routes 260 and 250 and the Benguela Railway (CFB, Caminho de Ferro de Benguela) connecting the Porto of Lobito on the Atlantic Ocean with the interior of the country and Southern Africa (Province of Katanga in the Democratica Republic of Congo and Zambia).

Besides this strategic position in Southern Central Angola, the Cubalense territory is a land with a high agricultural potential. In the colonial era, it was one of the most important regions of agricultural production in both, cultivation and animal husbandry. Today, one of the most relevant issues for the territorial development is precisely rehabilitation of agriculture for the family farming sector, as well as for market agriculture, where a high accent needs also to be put on the localisation of agro-food production sites and related logistics facilities.

he updated materials are available for consultation on our Internet site www.samayongo.com.


EPC – Energy Performance Certificates

Among their wide-ranging services, the professionals at HESC are now also accredited by the Veneto Regional Administration as certifiers enabled to draw up and issue legally binding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

In 2007, the European Union decided a target for 2020 of cutting the annual energy consumption by 20%. Observing that buildings account 40% of total energy consumption in the EU, in 2012 the European Parliament has issued a Directive (2012/31/EU) which requires owners of dwellings, in the event of sale, lease or renovation, to certify (through EPCs) energy efficiency of their properties.

In Italy, implementation of this Directive was the responsibility of the Regions (competences vary from State to State) that had to draw up technical protocols and establish lists of professionals enabled to issue these certificates.


TNTgis – Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis

GIS (Vector and Raster) – Cartography – Remote Sensing – Image Processing

TNTmips Pro: 5000 € — TNTedit Pro: 3000 € — TNTview Pro: 500 € — TNTatlas: free
TNTmips Basic: from 200 € — TNTmips Free: free

TNTscript (with TNTview Pro): 1500 €
introductory price: 1000 €

TNTscript is a new product of the TNTgis family which enables users to execute scripts (macros) written in SML with TNTmips Pro, TNTedit Pro or also with TNTscript.

The scripts can be executed from the operating system’s command line, from inside another application or interactively with TNTview Pro which is provided along with the TNTscript licence.

It is an inexpensive way (saving 3500 €) of transferring the whole geo-analytical power of TNTgis to other computers without the need of purchasing additional TNTmips Pro licences. It is particularly suitable to distribute high amounts of workload in terms of computing capacity, also by employing cloud computing resources.

For network (floating) licences all prices have always to be
increased by 20% for payment of licence manager software royalties.
All prices shown exclude VAT (in Italy currently 22%).

Municipal Master Plan of Dande (Province of Bengo, Angola)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015, in the large Dande Municipal Meeting Room at Sassa Povoação, we presented to the Provincial Government of Bengo, to the Municipal Administration of Dande, to INOTU (National Institute of Spatial Planning and Urban Development), as well as to other local authorities this new spatial management plan, which we are working on since January 2014, together with our Angolan partner FraCaet & Filhos, Lda..

The Município of Dande has about 250,000 inhabitants, an extension of about 7,500 km² and its administrative seat, the City of Caxito with about 50,000 inhabitants, is located about 80 km North-East of the country’s capital Luanda.

The municipal territory is affected by several large-scale projects, such as the new contentinental port of Luanda, road and rail infrastructure, tourist facilities and new production and residential areas for more than 200,000 people. But Município of Dande is also a very fertile land, with a very dynamic existing and potential agriculture. It is crossed by two major rivers, Bengo and Dande, and the inner areas are dominated by landscapes of high value and a high nature-based touristic appeal.


Links to the pages of some of our recent projects:


All the materials concerning the work carried out in Angola are in the Portuguese language, while some of the Internet page have been translated also into Italian, English and German. The hypertext links lead to our Internet site at www.samayongo.com, the site of the Consortium (Consórcio Samayongo) HESC founded in January 2009 in Luanda, Angola with its local partners.

Cubal (Benguela): Municipal Master Plan (2012-2013)
Urban Development Plan of the Municipal See (2009-2010)
Municipal Technical Map 1:5.000 (2009-2010)
Ganda (Benguela): Base cartography for the Municipal Master Plan (2013)


All the materials concerning the work carried out in Italy are in the Italian language. The hypertext links lead to sub-directories of our Internet site at www.hesc.it.

Noventa Padovana PD: PAT – Territorial Master Plan (2005-2013)

Eastern Mediterranean

The “Mediterranean Atlas of Venetian Heritage” is a set of products supporting documentation and valorisation of Venetian heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean area: paper atlas; geographical maps at scale 1:200,000; electronic atlas distributable on DVD. The first phase concerned atlas preparation for the islands of Crete and Cyprus. All the documentation materials published until now is in the Italian and the Greek language. The English language version is uncomplete.

Mediterranean Atlas of Venetian Heritage: Introduction, User Manual and Object indexes and Sheets (2011-2013)

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